March 21, 2024

    6 Unique Gift Box Ideas For Your Customers

    A 2022 survey found that almost three-quarters of clients preferred brands that made the effort to understand them and personalize their experiences. You can do this in any number of ways.

    You could seek the help of printing services or give gift boxes to your best customers, or even both.

    If you do opt for gift boxes, how should you handle it? Read on as we explore some ideas and personal touches you can add to them.

    1. Cocktail Kit

    Buying someone a drink is a sign that you appreciate someone’s company. Even bartenders do it. It’s called a buy back, and it’s a way to keep customers around and make them want to keep visiting.

    You can do the same for your customers. Giving them a client gift box with cocktail ingredients and a personalized message will let them know that you appreciate them.

    2. Coffee Set

    For many of us, our drink of choice is coffee. A simple bag of coffee beans can save people time and money, and it shows you care.

    A coffee gift set lets you personally connect with customers. Perhaps the set comes with a customized mug, made by a printing company. We can make them and tell you about print production.

    3. Clothing

    Perhaps, you’d prefer to give your customers a gift they can’t drink. If that’s the case, clothes are a good bet.

    They’re also excellent marketing materials that show off your design skills. Sometimes, it’s better to use t-shirts than flyers.

    Clothing often does more to send a message because it lasts much longer. Between printing services and the clothing itself, this will cost more than other gift sets, but it should pay off.

    4. Spa Essentials

    We all need a place to relax now and then. A spa gift set will give one to your customers.

    Spa kits pamper the whole body but mostly focus on the skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body and makes up at least one-tenth of our body weight.

    Let your favorite customers pamper themselves and show them you care about their health and comfort.

    5. Scented Candles

    Wouldn’t the world be better if it smelled a little nicer? You can help make that happen by sending your customers scented candles. Commercial printing and custom publishing can help you create labels to give them a sentimental touch.

    6. Make Your Own

    Who says you have to buy somebody else’s items to make a gift box? With a little help from a print shop, you can send out your own stuff, complete with logos and a personal message to your customers.

    You could send your clients catalogs listing your products. This also works as a welcome package for new employees. Give them a brochure or business cards, and some office goods or apparel.

    Gift Boxes, Printing Services, and Showing Your Customers You Care

    Printing services and gift boxes show customer appreciation. We’ve discussed a few ideas for gift boxes here, but that’s only one way a printing service can help your business.

    You can learn more by reading our blog. If you need printing services, we at Auctus Graphics can help.

    We offer excellent products with less overhead, so you get what you need at a better price. Learn more about some of the design options we offer before you buy.