August 7, 2023

    Vehicle Wraps – What You Need to Know

    Research shows that even a simple vehicle wrap can create up to 600 impressions per mile as it passes by people on the road. This is a huge number over a journey and an important reason why vehicle wrapping is becoming popular in the print shop industry.

    So, what should you do to pick up a vehicle vinyl wrap for your own needs?

    Below, we expand on how the vehicle wrapping print process occurs, from concept to a product in your hands. Read on to learn more about how we might be the print production experts you need.

    What Are Vehicle Wraps?

    Commercial vehicle wraps are a form of mobile marketing and can turn any vehicle in a fleet into a giant billboard for you. They are custom graphics that you apply to the surface of a vehicle for anyone who might see them.

    Your street team can even use these as a part of experiential marketing to create memorable experiences for customers. With a unique marketing concept, you can send a branded vehicle on a mobile tour of an area you wish to target. You can then get people to interact with your brand through whatever you put on the vehicle, whether it is a simple QR code or something more complex.

    Step By Step: The Vehicle Wrap Design Process

    The first thing you need to do is have a meeting with the vehicle wrap printing company. This way, they can run you through what they need to produce the perfect vinyl wrap for vehicles you own. They will also discuss the vehicle wrap cost you can expect to pay so you can set aside a budget for such marketing.

    Provide Vehicle Measurements

    Commercial vehicle wraps will need to have the perfect size so they match the vehicles you have. Measure the space you want to put the vehicle vinyl wraps on. If the wrap covers a significant area, a printer will discuss large-format printing and what that entails.

    Develop a Concept With a Graphic Designer

    You can work with a print shop to develop a vehicle wrap design that matches your brand. You can either design the custom vehicle wraps with your internal team or work with the print shop’s artists to get something from them. This may demand multiple iterations to get it right, so be patient during this process.

    Print the Wrap

    The printer will often print off a small version of the wrap

    for you to test and see if it matches your needs. At this stage, you can ask for small changes, but after, the printing will be final. You can then apply the wrap as you need it.

    Get the Perfect Vehicle Wrap

    The above advice should give you firm expectations of what producing a vehicle wrap entails. The only thing you need now is a dedicated print shop.

    We have a wide range of expertise in printing many different types of products for consumers, including vinyl vehicle wraps. Get in contact today to talk to us about your needs and how we can match them.