August 7, 2023

    Finding a Print Shop to Design Your Graphics

    Around 50% of small-to-medium businesses rate graphic design as one of the most important factors in their success. The ability to create custom graphics that match a brand is a key skill that can elevate your marketing beyond what it would otherwise achieve.

    So, if you are looking to produce marketing collateral to use at your next event, how do you find a print shop to design what you need? Below, we expand on the design capabilities of a high-quality printing company. By the end, you should understand why we are one of the best printing company options for you to promote yourself in the wider world.

    What to Look For In a Graphic Design Service

    When looking for a specific service, even one in a print production company, you should first take a look at their portfolio. Check that they can handle diverse jobs to see if their design solutions match a wide range of different needs. If they have a wide set of expertise and experience, they are likely to understand what you will want and match your brand’s style.

    Ask about their quality control process too. Check to see if they will send you early samples and how much you can pivot from an initial concept. Make sure there is an understanding of if more changes will cost extra or if there is a reasonable expectation of small iterations.

    Of course, you also want to check their reviews to see if they are good value and have a fast turnaround time and what their design capabilities are. This ensures that you can engage with the printing company to get your marketing material quicker.

    Benefits of Partnering With a Print Shop

    Partnering with a print shop instead of using an in-house design team can mean that you are free to try out more unique concepts. They are likely to have a fresh perspective on your needs and can give you new ideas an internal group would not have thought of.

    By working with a print shop, you also ensure the whole process is a one-stop shop. The designer will always make something that matches the printer’s requirements in terms of files, sizes, and formats.

    Exploring Graphic Design Ideas

    Working with a print shop might require you to take several unique steps in fleshing out your expectations. When approaching someone who will be designing graphics for you, go in with clear information on what you do and do not want. You can then run through concepts such as:

    • Brand identity
    • Typography options
    • Mood boards
    • Color palettes
    • Photos

    In changing each of these, a piece of marketing can present you in a different light. So, make sure you document a clear concept of what your brand is to pass over when you engage.

    Custom Graphics to Suit Your Brand

    The above advice should give you everything you need to create custom graphics that match your brand’s unique style. Still, you could skip the steps where you search for a print shop by working with us on your next project.

    We can talk to you about your company’s USP and branding to produce a printing solution that matches even the most one-of-a-kind demands.