August 7, 2023

    Print Production 101: What You Need to Know About the Process

    Over the past few years, finding a print shop to design to produce something for your business has become harder. Even Ikea stopped printing catalogs as people didn’t want to interact with communal books anymore. So, if you want to hire a print production company to put together something for you, what does that look like in the 2020s?

    This article will run you through the basics of what printing something for you or your company entails. By the end, you will learn how to get your graphics onto any surface, no matter whether that is marketing signage, vehicle wraps, or something else.

    What Is the Role of a Professional Printer?

    A professional service can offer the fast printing of any item you might want to use, whether it be for personal or business reasons. Some work in the realm of an organization’s print collateral, creating fliers or newspapers, though this is not the limit of what they can offer. Many others can also produce large-format printing such as billboards and banners.

    Many printers also have on-staff designers who can also work with you if you do not have something to print yet. By working with them, you can hammer out an idea of what you wish to make before they run it through the printing process.

    Initial Consultation and Exploring Options

    Printing processes begin with a first meeting in which you can explain your needs to the print shop. You can run through what you need, when you need it, and what your budget is. With this information, they can give you a realistic idea of what they can do for you.

    They can also ask if you would prefer to use a screen printing process, which is a task done by hand, or a digital printing process, involving a computer. These produce different results with quality that matches the price of each style.

    Some printers might also have a vehicle wrap printer. This will enable them to produce decals for vehicles that contain your branding or other imagery. Vehicle wrap printing allows for the smooth creation of prints for any type of vehicle, so talk to the printer about your options.

    Providing a Concept or Final Printable

    You will need to ensure the print shop has a design before they can start the print process. You can either provide them with one yourself or can often hire them to do this task for you.

    Concept Design

    The printer can create a design based on your needs. During your initial meeting, you can discuss your target audience, what you will print on, and what your branding should look like. They can then provide drafts and pivot toward what you need, although may often limit the number of drafts.

    Final Printable

    If you provide the digital files for them to print, they will have to check the file is compatible with their printers. They will also ensure it matches the expected parameters of what you want to print, so there are no surprises.

    Test Batch and Quality Control

    The printer will produce a small sample of their work so that you can confirm the product matches your expectations. At this stage, small changes can still occur, though you should be careful not to stray too far from your original concept.

    Delivery or Pickup

    You can either pick up any printing from the print shop, or you could ask for a delivery. In the case of larger batches, understand that they are not likely to hold them in the store, and you may be forced to accept delivery.

    Get a Head Start in Print Production

    With a better understanding of print production, you can now start planning. Creating printed promotional products to boost your business is within your grasp. Still, if you have further questions, we are happy to help.

    We’re veterans in printing processes and can guide you from the faintest glimmer of a concept to a fully-formed print in your hands. Send us a message today and find out what we can do for you.